You've Got a Friend at Domino Insurance

“When the road looks rough ahead… remember what your old pal said. You’ve got a friend in me.” These are the friendly words from songwriter, Randy Newman, who wrote that catchy tune from Toy Story that everybody knows and loves. As an insurance agency, we know tough roads can arise. Filing a claim is something nobody ever wants to do, it typically means there was a speedbump on the road to success. At Domino Insurance we want to make sure that speedbump remains just that, and not some massive hill you have to climb. But sometimes, bumps and hills are unavoidable and that’s when you have to remember what your Domino insurance agent said. That's right, a friend in me, a friend at Domino Insurance. Someone who knows the terrain, who will guide you through the claim process, and lead you to the horizon. Someone who will work to get your claim paid and put behind you, so you can move forward without skipping a beat. That’s really what we are selling. Insurance is peace of mind so you can focus on what’s important to you and your company. Your business success is important to us, just as it is to you.  And when things go wrong, our door is always open and we are always just a call away. So remember these words as I tell you, that you’ve got a friend at Domino Insurance.

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